Poe and Optics

In many of Edgar Allan Poe's masterful works, he incorporates references to various optic related phenomena. Through these references to optics and optic theory, it becomes apparent that Poe, while being up-to-date with the optic theory of his time, used disproven optic theories for their literary merits. In this site, we will discuss and explain different aspects of optics and optical theory that Poe incorporates into his works, present numerous quotes from his works, and discuss the eye and perception.


This website was a group project to create an Electronic Artifact for a WOVEN Portfolio as part of Dr. Lauren Curtright's English 1102 class at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Group Members.

  • Patrick Dillon
  • Tahsin Munir
  • Jenny Oh
  • Ariana Rose
  • Utkarsh Vaidya